Ergoresearch becomes the reference for the evaluation of knee pain in Quebec

Published March 10 2017 in What's New

Patient-with-KneeKG-1024x576LAVAL, QC, March 10, 2017 /CNW Telbec/ – With the support of Ergoresearch, Équilibre—the largest network of orthotists in Quebec, announces the adoption of the latest cutting-edge technology in the management of knee pain: KneeKGTM, which expands the evaluation services it offers in its clinics and knee centres.

With the goal of providing an effective, personalized plan of treatment, Équilibre now provides complete and precise diagnostic evaluation services for the knee. This unique approach is made possible by KneeKG™ technology, which measures objective, standardized data while the patient is in movement. “KneeKGTM represents a real revolution in the examination of the knee, as the precision of the technology permits the optimization of the plan of treatment. This means that the patient gains better quality of life and is able to be more mobile, which fully aligns with our mission”, says Sylvain Boucher, President and CEO of Ergoresearch.

The data gathered by KneeKGTM provide the basis for an interdisciplinary approach with specialists from Équilibre (kinesiologists, physical readaptation technicians, orthotists), as well as the treating physician, physiotherapists, and other Quebec healthcare professionals.

KneeKGTM was created in 2007 and is the result of 12 years of research at 3 universities in Quebec (École de Technologie Supérieure, centre de recherché du CHUM at Université de Montréal, and École Polytechnique) and the company Emovi. This system for the 3D analysis of anomalies of the knee received important support from the international medical community which benefits significantly from the new technology. In Quebec, Dr Pierre Ranger, orthopedic surgeon and chief of the orthopedic department at Jean-Talon hospital says: “The advantage of this technology is that it helps us diagnose problems of the knee and gives us relevant information to establish a plan of treatment and follow patients once they implement the plan.”

Emovi, the Quebec-based company that markets KneeKGTM technology, is enthusiastic about the new partnership. “We are very pleased with our collaboration with Équilibre and its impressive network of clinics that will provide greater access to this examination tool throughout Quebec” mentions Alexandre Fuentes, vice-president for clinical affairs at Emovi.

A new program, “I’m taking care of my arthrosis”, which accompanies KneeKGTM will be spearheaded in Quebec by Ergoresearch who, while implementing the new technology, will also provide complete multidisciplinary care including therapist-supervised and personalized exercise programs.

This program is unique in Quebec and is grounded in the physical participation of each patient in their therapy. “We are proud to be able to contribute to the growth of Quebec-designed technology and to promote an interdisciplinary approach within our organization—and all this, with the goal of providing our patients with the best possible quality of life”, adds Mr. Boucher.

About Ergoresearch 

Ergoresearch is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures cutting edge technologies and solutions for the orthopedic industry. The company is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and trades under the symbol “ERG”. With a portfolio of patents relating to orthopedics and human bionics, the company is a leader in the creation of custom-made orthotic devices. Ergoresearch has also developed the most influential network of orthotist clinics in Quebec, under the banner “Équilibre”, with over 70 clinics and points of service throughout Quebec.

About Équilibre

Équilibre—orthotic devices (“braces”) and biomechanics, is the largest network of orthotists in Quebec, which provides a host of biomechanic device solutions. Driven by wide-ranging innovation and the expertise of healthcare professionals, Équilibre’s mission is to get people moving by reducing pain, rehabilitating motor functions and optimizing performance. Thanks to its 70 clinics and points of service, Équilibre is now found in all corners of Quebec.

About Emovi

Emovi is a Quebec company that provides medical solutions for the knee articulation. With partners in university research centres throughout Quebec, including the CRCHUM and École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS),

Emovi developed KneeKGTM which identifies biomechanical deficiencies that cause pain and disabilities.

This new technology has already provided relief to a large number of patients suffering from pathologies of the knee including arthrosis, meniscal tear and torn ligaments, patellofemoral syndrome, tendinitis, etc. KneeKGTM is now available in Canada, the US, France, Switzerland, China and Australia.

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For further information: Sylvain Boucher, President and CEO – Ergoreseach Ltd, Tel: 450-973-6700, extension 213.

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