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Laval, August 8 2012 – Ergoresearch (TSX-V: ERG), the leading developer and manufacturer of specialty orthotics in Quebec, announced today the signing of a distribution agreement with Proteor, France’s leading orthotics firm, for the purchase and distribution of components patented worldwide. The contract provides exclusive distribution rights across Canada.

These components are used to manufacture and fine tune new devices dedicated to the orthopedics market, and more specifically to the musculoskeletal system. Results from studies conducted in Europe and Japan are conclusive as to the efficacy of the said components, and Ergoresearch is committed to deploying every effort leading up to an eventual product marketing, details of which have not yet been divulged.

“This agreement fits perfectly into the firm’s strategic plan, given its intention to invest heavily in the development of these components and in their clinical validation, which have met every aspect of our firm’s quality and reliability standards so far,” explains Ergoresearch’s president and CEO, Sylvain Boucher.

For Michel Pierron, president of Groupe Proteor, “this agreement represents a very promising edge on the eventual breakthrough we expect this product will have on the North-American market. The quality of this innovative device and the merit of its clinical validations have far surpassed our expectations and when associated with the competence of Ergoresearch’s teams of clinicians, it can only provide our patients with relief, and extra comfort in their daily life.”

About Ergoresearch
Since 2005, Ergoresearch has developed Quebec’s leading network of orthotics clinics, with over 60 corporate and satellite centres under the Clinique du Pied Équilibre and Orthoconcept banners. The leading manufacturer of ‘intelligent’ foot orthotics and specialty orthotics, it is a trend-setter in creating durable medical equipment and software for the orthopedics market. Ergoresearch was the first to develop and market an autocorrecting podo-barometric pad that relies on two distinct software programs to ensure the quality and performance of the orthotics that it produces.

The company is involved in a number of research projects with institutions such as Université Laval and Collège Mérici’s Centre de solutions technologiques en orthèses et prothèses (CSTOP), in Quebec City. Ergoresearch Ltd is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX-V) under the TSX-V Symbol: ERG.

About Proteor
Groupe Proteor was founded in Burgundy (Bourgogne, FR) almost 100 years ago. First specializing in providing prosthesis to the handicapped, Proteor rapidly spread its activities to designing the components required for manufacturing the actual devices. Groupe Proteor listens carefully to the professionals from this milieu, and to individuals whom life has partially deprived of their autonomy and wellness. In full respect of these values, it now develops a full range of products and services in France and around the globe, destined to compensate for physical handicaps, be it temporary or permanent.

Today it has become an independent family group, owned and operated by several generations of Pierrons. Thanks to major investments in innovation, an unwavering commitment to improve its services and backed by strong medical, scientific and commercial partnerships policies, Proteor has affirmed itself as the French leader in external orthopedics, and a recognized actor on the world stage.

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