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Dominique Boudreau

Dominique Boudreau – Vice President Finance

LAVAL, November 28, 2014 – Ergoresearch Ltd « Ergoresearch » (TSX Venture: ERG) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Dominique Boudreau who will hold the position of Vice-Président Finance among its management team. Mrs. Dominique Boudreau was acting as corporate controler of the group since January 2013 and occupied similar duties for more than seven years for Laboratoire Langelier, a company acquired by the Ergioresearch Ltd in January 2013.  Mrs. Boudreau replaces Mr. Greco who was previously appointed Chief Financial Officer in April 2014. Mr. Greco left to pursue new goals.

Mrs. Boudreau is a registered member of the Quebec chartered accountants and holds an MBA from the University of Sherbrooke.

About Ergoresearch
Ergoresearch is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures cutting edge technologies for the orthopedic industry. The Company holds a portfolio of
patents in the bionics field, including the intellectual property used in the Power Knee, the world’s only motor-powered AI prosthesis for above-knee amputees.
Ergoresearch designed and commercialized WebFit™, the first robotized custom-fit orthotics manufacturing software program and launched OdrA, a new
category of orthotic that, with the action of its world-patented distraction-rotation action, revolutionizes the treatment of pain associated with knee osteoarthritis.

Ergoresearch owns the largest orthotics network in Quebec, now known as Equilibre. The Corporation is listed on the TSXVenture Exchange under the ERG

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