OdrA Worldwide Patented Distraction Orthotic


Some 300,000 Quebecers / 1.2 million Canadians suffering from knee osteoarthritis will now benefit from a fast, lasting pain relief solution thanks to the OdrA orthotic device, a new generation of orthotics launched exclusively on Canadian markets by Ergoresearch. Backed and developed by Proteor, Ergoresearch’s partner and France’s leading orthopedic apparatus provider, the worldwide patented orthotic device is the result of global research, development and marketing. Its unique mechanism improves knee mobility by decreasing pain-causing intra-articular pressure.

The name OdrA – French acronym for Orthèse de Distraction & Rotation pour Arthrose – summarizes how it works: OA Distraction–Rotation Orthotic device. Not only does it reduce pain quickly and efficiently, it also offers a range of advantages:

  • Provides rapid, lasting pain relief;
  • Promotes return to daily activities, improved quality of life;
  • Dynamic and functional – it only works when knee is fully extended;
  • Improves muscular fitness – optimizes surgery results;
  • Decreased reliance on pain medication;
  • Custom fit – perfectly adapted to each patient’s body shape;
  • Discreet, ultralight and comfortable;
  • Worn an average of approx. 10 hours/day;
  • Treatment is 100% guaranteed or money back.

Clinically tested and proven: Dijon University Hospital (France) and Université Laval (Canada).